Don’t cut trees


Yasir Khalil
Trees are an essential part of the environment as they make the environment beautiful and clean. They are considered the most important part of our survival as life would not have been possible without trees. It would not be wrong to say that trees give us life. Similarly, trees give us oxygen that is required for us in order to breathe as well as trees make our lives prosperous and keep us healthy by providing fresh fruits. As a result, our basic needs are fulfilled by the trees and we are entirely dependent on them and this dependence helps us to realize the importance of trees.Trees save water and bring rainfall as well as provide a cool and healthy climate for the people. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide and make the air clean which helps to stop climate change. For instance, trees are very much beneficial as they control global warming and air pollution and help us to make the surroundings clean. Trees make the garden beautiful and special places to visit and spend some joyful time there. In particular, trees seem quite important for farmers as farmer’s business depends on the products of the trees. There is a wide range of fresh fruit trees, including apple, orange, almond, plum, etc that is a sort of business for farmers. Nevertheless, trees are home to millions of birds and animals as they are used for shelter and sites for reproduction. During this summer, hot and extreme weather, animals seek shade and shelter under the trees. Similarly, trees support the lives of many large organisms as different types of wildlife depend on trees for food, water, cover, etc.All in all, trees are important for all, be it humans, animals or birds. Trees are considered the biggest wealth for us in the shape of oxygen and food. Our life and environment is extremely dependent on trees. Thus, we should plant more and more trees in order to live a prosperous and healthy life.