Sayd Sajid Shah
This year china celebrated its 100 years plan with great pomp and show. The people in china along with their leaders mark the true independence from royal families who ruled on it for centuries. The story of China success is common now days because China evolved with passage of time and proved to be well worth, and now even the American is fearful of china expansion through One Belt One road initiatives (OBORI)and market economy to control the world. Similar is the position of Russia.The China had a long story for gaining this power and status. Actually the story of China begins since January,1 ,1912 after the Xinhai revaluation which upset the Qing Dynasty forever. It kills many and ends 5000 old dictatorship from the imperial world. Today no one knows what name should be given to the growing economy and rise of China in 21st century? It is even difficult for the powerful country like USA to block the way china is growing through. The recent animosity between China and USA on the issue of COVAID-19 had further depend their enmity and now, both the superpowers are in tug of war to achieve their objectives.In fact,the China could be ranked with the highest degree of socieo economic development policies based on human development index and sustainable progress with market economy. Sometime we rank ourselves as a nation who got independence two years before the china did? But we could not learn from the experiences of China?Although China was communist country based on the theory of Karl marx and Lenin. However, today it could be a mixture of different approaches, culture and traditions. Mao was an ideal person and he thought, there could be a way to establish a new world order system (1949) just after the revaluation. But the sacrifices since 1912 had a different story to change the fate of the Chinese people and it involves many things.Today celebration in China could be remarked as unparalleled because the people and the representatives of China Communist youth league members saluted the communist party leader in Beijing for their services and contribution. During the first world war (1914-1918)the world experienced many bloody wars and rise and fall in the subsequent period consecutively but china was persistent to it. In 1917, when Russia was passing through Bolshik revaluation to throw Czar kingdom ship the china had also dream for independence and the Big challenges for the communities were no doubt derailing the Mancho kingdom ship forever. The world then witnessed a change in the name of revaluation and established their own party Communist Party of China. The young and energetic Mao Zi thing put an end to the conventional system and focused on rural areas development and labours and also their earning.The reforms in policies, core unit and structure of China legislation was one of the best option and cause to boost economy. The prosperity decentralization, employment and image of the country were presented in to the world very positively. Although China was a communist country but it had adopted Capitalistic approach and that’s why more than 626 people have a property worthy of billion dollars and the America had a pool of 724 people in this category. Today china is more flexible and its economy represents capitalism rather than communism. There are 84 government companies which covers 70 percent population. In China all the debts are controlled by centralized bank and they had an authority to issue it as well. Once the debt release the Management can start recovery and so the system runs. Every one can earn according to his/her capacity and efforts and can contribute to ones destiny andcountry development. The Chinese government banned living in rural areas and instead allowed to grow orchids and prompt agriculture so that livelihood can be developed and the people must earn how much they requires? The Hawevi company and Ali Baba has no parallel in history.This time the world is revolving the decent personality of Xi shi- the head of China republic and the premier. Still some critics believed that Xi shing could be the most powerful and energetic person after Mao who had kept the Army, state and party intact. These are the basic pillars of communist government to be strengthened. The rise of china and now its control on world economy market(prouducts) has raised many questions in the minds of critics and compelled the world to follow China as example.The rise in the economy ,life and standards of China does not stop at any stage after the 1949 rebellion. The concept of decentralization and village council development, the transfer of power to gross root level, one child policy and building a strong force to dealt with enemy had withstand china in unique position even. Justice and peace are rampant and there is no delay at all to check corruption. In the middle of seventeenth century one leader from east China rose up with rebellion. His name was Narhachi and he announced, his own state with in a state.He was succeeded in establishment of government who defeated Qing family supporters and killed more than 800000 people. The other person named Li-Zeching also came and he announced his own state. He accomplished the task by recruiting at least 100000 personnel’s in his Army and destroyed everything came in his way.In 1640 he captured Honan and make their people victimized and paralysed . He killed 300000 people to impose his government but failed to sustain it.The Dacoist who was barbarian in nature adopted a special epithet on the name of Qing and turn to be King. However, in 1644 when the Qing patrolled again the Beijing city the King from Mong family took suicide so he took control of china. Latter a person Szchuan started rebellion and he killed 600000 people in Massacre of Chentu. He killed 400000 female also on the spot.At last Manchoo family established their rule in china however, more than 10 Million people were killed in this period. In 1912 just before first world war the long and successive royal family system was abolished however, it took four decade to stop war and give direction to China under the leadership of Mao Zei thang.


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