Frequent power failure in Tangwani


Noor Khan Bakhrani
Today I want to highlight a very important problem facing the masses of town Tangwani one of the thickly populated Talukas of district Kashmore. Besides other issues the most burning one is unannounced Load-shedding of electricity. During the hot summer days the frequent power break down paralyzed the lives of citizens in Tangwani and suburbs. Electricity which is one of the modern wonders of science bestowed upon us by Allah SWT to ease the difficulties and make our lives luxurious and comfortable. Everyone of us knows very well that electricity is a basic necessity of life in modern times. The disruption of light not only causes immense disturbances in life cycle of common people but also creates hardships to a great deal for commercial activities particularly relying on electricity. Unfortunately, the WAPDA relevant high-ups and SEPCO Sukkur authorities made the life of the masses miserable by declaring artificial unannounced Load-shedding for long hours on daily basis. Even light remains off for many days in our town Tangwani and adjoining areas but no one bothers to address the grievances of masses and business community. The voltage level of Tangwani feeder is also so low that bulbs shine in such a way that it can be compared to stick of a match while burning. The fluctuation of voltages and hide and seek of light are the order of the day. The business activities are badly affected and house customers also face great hardships. Despite making complains to concerned authorities multiple times no heed towards the genuine complains was made. I would like to draw the kind attention of SEPCO Chief Sukkur and SDO WAPDA Kashmore through the column published in esteemed newspaper to take notice of the frequent electricity breakdown and fluctuation of voltages during sizzling heat and take positive efforts to redress the grievances of consumers of Tangwani feeder in the best interest of justice.