Palestine bleeds once again


Palestinians are fatally killed, the sacred places of Jerusalem are destroyed and overall the violation of human rights is on its worst form. Years old skirmishes between the Israeli forces and Palestinian protestors converted into massive rocket fires. War is fatal, but still there exists a number of rules. Does Israel consider those rules? The most appalling event occurred when Israeli forces attacked on Al-Aqsa Mosque and killed around 30 innocent Palestinians and wounded more than 300 people. Unluckily, Arab nations, despite supporting downtrodden Palestinians and one of the oldest mosques Al-Aqsa, they are busy in recognizing the status of Israel. The U.S., under Biden administration accused Turkey of 1915 massacre of Armenians as a genocide. But, supporting Israel and the killing in Jerusalem is no more genocide in the analysis of Biden.Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, refused to accept the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) right to investigate alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories. Why does Israel not respect ICC? The very answer lies under the fact that American, a global power, is also not following international laws binding upon the court. When ICC was enforced to investigate whether the US forces committed war crimes in Afghanistan, Donald J. Trump imposed sanctions on the court and some of its officials. Recently, Joseph Robinette Biden has lifted sanctions from the court and officials but his administration would similarly refuse any investigation. Besides it, China, Russia, India and Indonesia are also under the same pendulum. Imagine, if such super powers and emerging giants do not support the court’s investigation, how come human rights will be protected. It is high time all stakeholders recognized the matter seriously and supported downtrodden Palestinians. Muslim Ummah under OIC must open their eyes and come up with concrete policies to secure Islam for it was not only attack on Muslims but also on Islam.