Refreshing the mind


Shamila Nasir
There are many ways for mind refreshing like yoga pose, Eat healthy food ,Practice Belly Breathing, Listen To Music, Physical Exercise ,Distract Yourself and read the book .And I considered Reading is the best way for mind refreshing. For mind refreshing reading is a big source.we all know that ,there are many benefits of reading. By reading you can get more knowledge,many ideas,Builds vocabularies and it develops our thoughts and give us endless knowledge and gives us more informations etc. When you water a small tree every day, it grows slowly and eventually grows big enough to provide shade that helps it escape the heat of the sun. So reading and mind is like so, when you read more you get more.Furthermore,If you read even 10 minutes a day, your sleep quality can be improved, stress can be reduced, and mental excitement can be increased.A book will not waste your time a book will change your mind.There are many people who considered reading is a boring thing.But it will be interested if you will show interest. Reading a book can help us learning and understanding.Remember that you may lose your money, your job, your wealth , even your health but knowledge can never be taken away from you. The more you read, the more words you will get.