Neglecting the education system in Balochistan


Mahganj Hameed
It is one of considerable fact that Balochsitan is one of hulking province of Pakistan;but unfortunately the people of Balochsitan are facing hazardous problems.Mostly in Balochsitan,more than 80%people are poor and living in small areas which are being deprived by new things,new development they are mostly being deprived by getting their fundamental rights and there are such people who are present in this province which they don’t get their three time meals;the Baloch people are passing a miserable life,they are as poored as noone else as.As it is well cleared that Balochsitan is the most fortune province of Pakistan which has filled with natural resources but owing to be lived a peaceful life they are suffering multiple problems like social problems, healthcare, malnutrition,no infrastructures and other messes which are being faced by every baloch people.desprately, Education is one of the biggest mess in Balochsitan.According to UNICEF,60 to 70percent the children of Balochsitan are out of school,they are deprived for getting education or 78percent of girls of school _going age and 67percent of boys are out of school.We all know that education is the third eye of an Every individual in life, without education one can b unable to do or get something.As a great writer well said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world.Definetly,it changes the world and it make the countries and nations well developed economically or socially.Nevertheless,In Balochsitan the school, colleges, Universities which are present but they are not well established their are lacks of good facilities like no boundaries,no proper classrooms,and no cleaning water for drinking and the one of the biggest problem that there is no talented teacher. According to the report in Balochsitan,36% schools are deprived by getting clean water,56% schools have no electricity,15% school are turned off owing to ghost teacher.Due to the ghost teachers the life of the may students are being demolished.One can say that government is Neglecting the education system of he province,where the education system is being worst day by day Instead of being improved.Moreover,The institutions which are Available,They are such places which the children join so that they should read,study and they should be eligible and know what is good or bad for them and the desires which they have and the dreams which they have seen them for their future so that they should achieve them and live a prosperous lives.But it is very sad to say that due to the abstnitism of the teacher which is very much common in Balochsitan’s school which is very much effecting the education of children.Moreover, Across the country there are approximately 900 ghost schools with almost 3500 ghost teachers are there which are destroying the life of the backbones of the country.According to the report12500 schools including secondary, primary and high schools among which 7000 schools are being operated by a single teacher.The children who are out of school today still they are being forced for labour abuse.Mostly,in Balochsitan 50% people lived under the poverty line due to poverty instead of sending their children in school they are sending them for working.Because of the lots of messes they will be compelled they work on fields,shops,hotels and different place do that they should get their meals and pass their lives.And it’s everyone knows that the person who don’t get their meals how they can join institutions for reading.At last,I request to the government that the problems of Balochsitan should be solved and it’s problem should not be ignored rather it should not be neglected specially the Education system which is the basic rights of every single human.Try to take a big Step for making the education system better and bring thousands of improvement in Balochsitan’s education system and make better in every regard. The writer is the student at Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy.