Kamran Bashir Gorsi visits LA 19 Poonch with marvelous welcome


Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) : Independent candidate LA 19 Poonch 2 Kamran Bashir Gorsi’s first brilliant entry in the constituency. At five o’clock in the morning, Kamran Bashir Gorsi from Wah Cantt reached Trarakhal in the form of a convoy of hundreds of vehicles, where he was received. Administrator Trarakhal Fazleen Siddiqui, President of Anjuman-e-Tajran, representatives, political and social personalities Kamran Bashir Gorsi Azad candidate were taken to Farooq Azam Chowk in a procession. The program took the form of a meeting where the speakers will always remember the unforgettable services rendered to the constituency of the late Bashir Gorsi in a short time. After the reception and prayers for the reward of the late Bashir Gorsi, Kamran Bashir Gorsi left for Hajira in a large caravan to attend the condolence reference. On the way, people standing on the side of the road at Kamran Bashir’s caravan kept showering flower petals.