Honour killing


Ambreen Bashir
Honour killing is an act of violence, usually murder of a female genders by the male individual of the family, due to the belief that victim has brought dishonour upon the family . The death of the victim is viewed as a way to restore the reputation and honour of the family or simply , honor killings occur when a women actions are thought to bring shame to male relatives. There are numerous reasons for honour killing like, love marriages, out caste marriage, homosexuality , divorce , disobeying elders, arguing with elders, dressing , roaming with strangers, staying away from home till late nights much more . It was also found that people have various consciousness of honour. It is believed that honour killing is originated from tribal customs where they believe that an allegation against a woman can be enough to ruin a family’s reputation , for them a life without honour is not worth living. A part from that , Pakistan has the highest number estimated honour killings per capita of any country in the globe, about 1/5 of the world’s honour killings are committed in Pakistan (1,000 out of the 5,000 per year total) and More than 1000 honour killings in India every year.According to research , The number of “honour” crimes reported to the police increased from 3,335 in 2014 to 5,595 in 2015 a rise of 68%. according to colleted data by the charity from every police force in the country. The number of reports filed are near to 5,105 in 2016. Further more , a girl or woman is abused, disowned by her family or forced to have an abortion just because she has thrown dust upon a family or she is killed because of not running upon the talks of family elders . Women and girls are the most common victims of honour based violence , in same manner men and boys can be victims of honour killing too. But most of victims are female . It is highlight that most of the publicised cases of honour killings have been seen in Muslim countries and honour killings can occur anywhere and there have been documented cases in Great Britain, Sweden, Italy and other European countries , too .Thus wanna sketch up my words to all the people that , everyone has a life to live , eyes to experience , mind to approach , let them be self depending and let them live the way they desire for , don’t bother, curse , kill a innocent soul in name of honour . If honour is important then this is also important to have a life since the day she started dreaming to accomplish that . Rather killing in name of honour , honour the dreams of her that she should live a better life .