Career selection


Waseem Ahmed
Career selection is one of the toughest jobs to do. Because, it decides your future. Many countries give importance to career selection. They make their students that much able that they can select a career themselves. They need not to ask from anyone about the right career. But, alas! In Pakistan, things are different. Neither there is any focus on the career selection of a student nor any kind of career counseling at all. Due to it, students are misguided. They cannot select what is good for them. This wrong selection of career puts them in trouble in future.According to an estimate, half of the students drop out of their college course do so because they have selected a wrong career for them.Another estimate shows that 9 out of 10 people say, they regret rushing their career. According to an other study, 20% of students say, they would have chosen different course, if given the chance; while, 18% regret their choice of degree. Due to wrong selection of career, students and people become disappointed in their coming days. Even some are forced by their parents to choose what their parents want. The government should work on guiding students to select the right choice of career. Moreover, parents should also not be hitler in the lives of their kids. They should allow them to choose whatever they want.