Care for visually impaired person

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Mujeeb Ali Samo

Pakistan Association of Blind (PAB) Larkana district branch has been working since 1991. It has 100 active members who work voluntarily for the welfare of the visually impaired community. The welfare works for such special persons are education, security and personality grooming etc.I met some members of the visually impaired community who were complaining that the government has forgotten them. There is no allocation of funds in the budget for the welfare of these persons. The PAB members contribute themselves or seek help from different sources. “The help from the philanthropists is appreciated but how long the government will ignore the welfare of blind people,” they questioned. Even If some certain budget is allocated for them every year but that is not spent on them transparently. There must be foolproof vigiliance on the budget that is reserved for the welfare of the underprivileged community. Our country will prosper if it takes all section of society as the pillars of the progress. In civilized societies every member of society is taken with task for the better living. It is also the principle of democratic nations as well. History is replete with such names who are physically disable but they have not surrendered to work for the development of the society and the country. Helen kellar is model example. Though she was blind, dump, and deaf but her struggle for the welfare of the physical disable is praiseworthy. She is the role model for all us and particularly the physical disable and visually impaired. It is high time that the government must take tangible steps for the welfare of the blind community. The institutions like schools, professional vocational training centers should be setup, and health plus life security cards must be issued to them. Such institutions can groom talented youth who could work as leaders. We have the precedent like Yousif Saleem, the first blind judge who took oath in 2018 after clearing the competitive judicial examination. Like him, there is Khadim Sangi who has been working in Sindh High Court Circuit Bench Larkana as phone exchange operator for last many years. His services are highly appreciable. There are many examples for us. Visually impaired Sajid Iqbal, who graduated from NUML Islamabad in English Literature, is serving as Lecturer of English at government degree college Hayatabad, Peshawar. He is inspiration for all those whom he teaches. Like them, there are many others who can achieve the highest goals in their life if they are given opportunity and platform to show their skills. They are also the part of society and could contribute to the nation and the country. They must not be ignored because of their blindness. We live in the 21st century which is age of science and technology. In this scientific era, these people can play a role. These blinds are full of talent and courage who could serve in different sectors. It may be education, media, sports, technology and health. It is undoubtedly to say that these special people will prove as treasure trove of the nation. Their service will help the country to boost the economy. Blind people have the ability to contribute for social and economic uplift of the society. They never give up to life as ordinary man due to their blindness. They consistently struggle to stand on their feet as invincible man. Visually impaired person support their family with hard work and discharge service as good citizens. But, unfortunately, government has ignored this community to provide them quality education and proper platform. It is the responsibility of the state to look after all segments of the society.  having fear, and insecurity of life. We become speechless and voiceless because of this fear. These white collar criminal can be found easily but to clean such evils are only possible by politicians, if politicians take any action their will be no crime and violence and very sorry to say that our politicians also works under these looters, because in Pakistan it is very difficult to be politicians because of wealth, if you are wealthy and have good status you can be the part of the politics, otherwise you will only be the peon of politics who only wait for ring Bell to get order. So these politicians only sit in the chair but they don’t use their power for legal work and they reach to the roof of politics through the investment of these looters, that’s why they become dependent on these white collar criminals because they know that they have spent too many money in their political campaign. Every political party has their own invester, and these invester invest their money to complete their illegal work from politicians, so that’s why everyone is bound to a specific person, department etc.. These bound system and the peoples who work under this, can’t create any result or improvement to protect or facilities the local people, this is reason which is humiliating too many peoples and pushing them back into many problems and depression.

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