Don’t waste time


Asif Rasheed
Time is all we have this moment right now. Time is more precious than money and materials. The only thing that we are unable to require a phone once it’s gone. If time is utilized correctly, it leads to happiness and a prosperous life. If time is neglected it leads us to a sorrowful life. I don’t believe on those people who say that they have no time. Because for every people there are 86400 seconds in a day so, if one can succeed in life with the same time and others can’t, so it’s their fault. Moreover, by setting and doing nothing things can’t happen, this is what you have to be afraid of. So, get up nothing is going to happen itself, the book is not going to write itself, the pen is not going move itself, you have to do it and start it now. Don’t wait anymore, don’t make excuses, and take the first step towards success. Don’t dream ever try to do it. From now stop wasting valuable time and start moving on. It would be better to go with time not behind the time.