Money deal: step against transparent polls in AJK



Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) : A secret deal is being revealed between PTI nominee Nisar Ansar Abdali from LA-13 constituency and former Health Minister Rafiq Nayyar according to which Nisar Ansar Abdali paid a huge amount of money to Rafiq Nayyar to resign in his favor. While the important person belonging to Mirpur played an important role in promising to take Rafiq Nayyar to the Assembly through a special seat through the Federal Ministers.Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry, the party president, refused to attend a meeting at the Federal Ministry of Kashmir Affairs when it came to money transactions. According to responsible sources, the PTI and the Gujar community of Khuirta were outraged over the non-receipt of party tickets from Khuirta and the hateful attitude of Rafiq Nayyar against the tribe and supporters of Dr. Nisar Abdali’s supporters. They sympathized with Rafiq Nayyar and a large number of the people of Khuwarta welcomed him. The PTI ticket holder’s political breath began to suffocate. Nisar Abdali sought the help of party president Barrister Sultan but Rafiq Nayyar refused. Not only refused to obey but his brother-in-law Nadeem Qasmi announced to contest the election against Barrister Sultan from Mirpur constituency. However, the political leaders from Mirpur were already in touch with the Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs as it is rumored that Nisar Abdali had conspired with the Kashmir Front Minister to get a ticket. Interestingly, Barrister Sultan has just spoken to the Mother Party. Nayyar Abdali and Ali Amin Gandapur were settled and a meeting of the Federal Minister for Kashmir was held on June 28 in Chamber No. 114 of the Parliament House in which Barrister Sultan besides six other candidates was also invited. But when it came to the notice of Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry that Rafiq Nayyar had decided to support Nisar Abdali on receiving more than 20 million rupees in addition to the adjustment, Barrister Sultan was not only surprised but also not attended the meeting and apologized from the deal matters.