Kamran Bashir’s Hajira visit: Condolence reference to start at Supply Ground




Islamabad,    (Parliament Times) : Chaudhry Muhammad Bashir Gorsi’s condolence reference will be held in Hajira at Supply Ground today. The special guest will be Kamran Bashir Gorsi, son of the late and candidate for the Assembly. A large number of people are expected to attend the occasion. Son of the late and Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi will arrive in Hajira at 11 a.m. to attend the condolence reference. This will be followed by a formal launch of the program. It should be noted that Kamran Bashir Gorsi is reaching his constituency for the first time today after the demise of his father, due to which thousands of fans of the late Bashir Gorsi across the constituency are eager to see a glimpse.

In view of the grief and frustration of the people after the death of Chaudhry Muhammad Bashir Gorsi, his son Kamran Bashir Gorsi is determined to fulfill his father’s mission and implement his manifesto and will start his regular election campaign from tomorrow.