Bad practices in Education


Sayed Sajid Shah
Although education is international subject and the world has brought overall changes in education to explore more areas of sustainable life approach and socieo economic development. If education does not fulfill the requirement of society, and cater the needs of individual it would be futile exercise and activity and has nothing to do with country. Our education system and its experts always talk about the education of USA, Great Britain and many other European nations but they don’t follow what sort of measurement and drastic change they had brought in education system with passage of time. Our education system has flop to develop or cater the needs of future generation in term of quality production in the international scenario. The world has dynamic role in education and they are taking an opportunity, to learn more from each other in the core area of exposure, best learning practices and research. The Finland model of education shows how it could be followed? The Norway, Japan, Sweden and China have no parallel in education. The world is practicing to find out ways for human development but we have had a system in education which is self-assumed one or local based. Just imagine a trend in our education system has developed where majority of the students pleased the high ups of education and political leaders in their schools and community. This process is called welcome to the Dignitaries and it involves girls and boys to salute them why? The dance parties in school and colleges have further aggravated the situation. This trend is increasing day by day and instead of working on assurance of quality education and character building of the students the schools and administration could be found busy in pleasing some one. Few days ago during a political gathering in Kagan Naran 500 girls from local schools were taken in to the feted to delight the Aristocrat class. This programme was aired on many channels where the prime Minister, the Chief Minister and Governor could be seen along with the school girls chanting slogans for them. This created speculation amongst the masses and gives a bad message to the world , whose daughters were involved without their consent and approval. The international standards of education and the local norms do not allow anyone to behave like this. The girl’s education which is always in decline in this country and especially in our province aggravated the situation more. This also shows that how in a conservative society such practices could be allowed which has nothing to do with education at all.It also shows our seriousness to the subject.In country like Pakistan where more than 2 crore and eighty lac children are out of school should have mechanism for their inclusion and streamlining .Especially, the girls who do not have access to education already, and face many challenges in their lives? In fact in such situation it add fuel to fire. The local administration at the district level involved to smarm the leaders through such activity may be their compulsion but it raises many questions which could not be answered at all.Education is the basic need of every one. It gives vision to individual, enhances life skills, develop capacity and bring changes in human nature, mind and behavior. It should be imparted to everyone without any discrimination on the basis of color, creed, caste, gender, religion, culture etc. In fact it was a period when education was kept under tight supervision of Kings and Aristocrat class in the Mediaeval time. Now progress and prosperity for a person or society is depend upon a kind of education providedto them. The world has ranking system of human development and those countries who had 100 % education had a leading role in the world. The human’s strength and potential with capital development had a unique intervention in the late 18th, century it was a paradigm shift which changes the human nature and psychology. In fact it is the responsibility of state to educate the citizens and bring a tremendous change in its policies. Men and women are considered the basic pillars of human society to be developed equally and with equity. As the world of today revolves around science and technology therefore educating the people on international standards is the only requirement.Few countries in the world do not have a system even at the brink of 21st century to educate its people especially, the women folk and they had negative implication on life .The reasons may be many but in fact, when the government is not serious in taking steps to ensure education as part of the international agenda it flops always.Although our education system is confronting many problems both at policies and implementation level but female education is one of the greatest issues amongst overall our education system has failed to deliver and develop communities to coup the challenges of 21st century. Our traditional education system still believes on Ratta, memorization without understanding and a unique system of following the conventional system of teacher training, follow up and curriculum. We are far away from the innovative system of education based on exposure, best practices in the world and research base education and technologies. The world is changing with in a change of its education system to grow, develop and deliver but we are static and following our own branded education system. Our static and fixed objectives in education had bad name for it and we are far away from the international standards. Just imagine Pakistan stands 147 amongst 149 nations on the Human Development Index (HDI).From top to bottom the same approach of education failure has divided our society in to many factions each one is endeavoring for its survival with in its own way. Is this not amazing that on the eve of 21st century and global period of science and technology we possess four tire education system, i.e public, private, Madrassa and international branded O and A level system of Great Britian. Our leaders send their offspring to Europe for getting higher education and ruling us. We are in fact, at the very low level and as such without our quality education the exploitations of humans is common phenomenon and it will continue if not checked properly.