Drug addiction


Banadi Manzoor Hammal
Drug addiction is a problematic issue in Pakistan and the rest of the countries too. In every home one or two people are affected by this evil. Furthermore, drugs are destroying our elder and younger brothers’ lives. Small small children take drugs. Such as Opium, Cocaine, Marijuana, heroin, etc. Not only uneducated people but the educated people are affected by this evil too. The people who take drugs are not called humans because they are not worried about anything or anybody including mother, father, wife, children, etc. They don’t care about anything, they just need their drugs at any cost. Moreover, drug Addiction is a catastrophic issue that is growing rapidly in developed countries or under developing countries. This issue needs to be solved as soon as possible. I request the concerned authorities to open some rehabilitation centers for the treatment of drug addicts and arrest those people who sell drugs because they are destroying the precious lives of our youths.