Islam and the rights of worshipers


Gulshan Sindhu
Our religion Islam, being a balanced, complete code of conduct is also a beacon for us in the light of which we can live our lives patiently and in accordance with the precepts of Islam. Islam is not only a religion of justice but also advocates for the protection of each other’s rights and the fulfillment of these rights in the light of Islam. Allah has divided the rights that are obligatory upon us into two parts. One is the “rights of Allah” which means fulfilling all the rights of Allah which are obligatory upon us including prayer and the other rights of Allah. Al-Ibad means the rights that apply to the slaves, including the rights of the children around us such as the rights of the parents to the children, the rights of the children to the parents, the rights of the teachers, the rights of the neighbors, the rights of the relatives. The rights, the rights of guests, the rights of hosts, the rights of slaves, the rights of husbands and wives, the rights of travelers, and other rights that we have to fulfill, because God can forgive the rights of God, but the rights of worshipers say Also does not forgive. Islam is a religion of tolerance, equality, and justice that gives equal rights to all human beings. Islam emphasizes on parental rights. It is commanded to treat parents kindly. Respecting them is one of the duties of children. Islam prefers mother’s rights over father’s rights because father There are more difficulties in training and care of mother and children than there is in Islam but there is also respect for the dignity and rank of the father and it is said that the pleasure of Allah is in the pleasure of the father. The Qur’an states: “Treat your parents well and if one of them reaches the age of old age do not say yes to them” meaning that Islam has divided the rights of every human being fairly and fairly. He described the service of parents as better than jihad Where the rights of the children have been given to the parents then the rights of the children have been given to the parents and it is the duty of the parents to take care of them. Blessings of the children are among the blessings that Allah has bestowed on His servants. Symbolism in Islam is the basic right of children to be educated and trained. It is also said that if there is more than one child then they should be treated equally and have good name and protection of their children at all times. Doing so is considered a parent’s duty Being a balanced religion, Islam has balanced the rights of every human being in every relationship. It has been urged to fulfill its rights on both sides. Neighbors ‘rights are also very important in Islam. In Surah An-Nisa’ it is said: “Treat your neighbors and your neighbors well.” The one who cooks at home should first see that there is no hunger in the neighborhood ie take care of the neighbors. It is a well-known saying among the neighbors: We are also entitled to The rights of slaves are also emphasized in Haqq-ul-Ibad. He said: “Feed them what they eat and feed them what they wear.” This proves that Haqq-ul-Ibad is an important and special feature in the realm of Islam. When it comes to the rights of teachers in Islam, respect the teacher, obey them, and follow the good things that the teacher teaches. Acting is a teacher’s right and a student’s Relatives are commanded to be in love with them and never have intercourse with them In addition, we have a responsibility to protect the rights of all human beings The rights of worshipers are rights that we all have to fulfill within the bounds of the commandments of Islam so that we may be red in the hereafter