Why I love my motherland?


Ab Dawood
I love balochistan because it has given me everything that I have. It is homeland and loving it is rooted in my blood and soul. This country has educated, fed and protected me. It has given me everything it has. This is the land of my ancestors, who also loved it. Every inch of its soil is rich with our sweat and blood. Our bones are buried here, and will continue to be; they have become a part of this land. It is extremely precious and sacred. Every person has his dear corner in the world. My homeland , where I was born and grew, where my grandfather and my father were born,for me,is an invaluable gift of the nature. Motherland is my home, my cradle. Motherland is the place, where for many years’ sounds our dear language and mother’s song. Motherland holds everything –both life and faith can exist when there is Motherland. Our motherland is called Balochistan . She is beautiful and powerful. She has many villages and cities, rivers and lakes, woods and mountains. The old capital of our country is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Quetta . I really worship my Motherland. Magnificent mountains, clean river,home cities and villages – all of them have its place in my soul.I always cherish places of my childhood, for they keep memory of my immediacy, purity and innocence. Our ancestors’ remains lie in this land. I am a tree that grew from these roots.Our veins became roots that spread around the land that our ancestors spilled their blood in and that became sacred for us. How can I compare the foreign land with my homeland, lightened by our fathers’ angelic eyes, warmed by our mothers’ hearts?My fate, life, moral, mentality, spirit are painted in colors of Motherland.I am of the same color as Motherland. All my designs, intentions, appearance and substance I received are from my Motherland. As a Burmese,I can be a guest but never a native in the foreign land. I may even get wealthy but I will never become a master, for they have theirs in the foreign land. I may find a place to live in the foreign land but I will not find the homeland there. I won’t get separated from the blue nights of Motherland, where stars are so high in the sky and shine bright, where I have daily rice and believe in tomorrow.Whenever I sing the Anthem & hold the Flag and Emblem in hands,I feel proud of them. Nobody says ” bury me wherever you want”. Every man wants to lie close to his relatives and friends. Every man wants to lie in the birthplace.The feeling of home is the last feeling that a Myanmese has in his life. That is why: our land, each square foot of land that was watered with blood of our ancestors is sacred for us, it is my biggest pride! And we are guided by exactly these sanctities in all our deeds. They inspire me and give me force and energy. The greatness of Motherland is in my heart.As a conclusion,I’ll live my life the right way, try to learn the truths that will give me confidence in life and good manners in actions for the sake of my Motherland, state, nation and myself and my descendants. I will feel quiet and satisfied and my life will make sense.