Divorce in Baloch society


Shamila Nasir
What is divorce? Does divorce is that when a man leave his wife? Or divorce occurs when a woman leaves a man? When people hear about divorce, why do most people assume that it is the woman’s fault?Divorce has the same meaning on both sides . But we live in a society where if a man divorces his wife or a woman divorces a man, then in any case the woman is considered wrong.specially in Baloch society If a woman marries of her choice and then gets divorced, So the woman is called wrong and if she marries according to the choice of his parents and then gets divorced, then the woman is still called wrong. If a man does the same thing and then gets divorced after marrying of his choice, it will still be said that there was something wrong with the woman. In any case, the man is never blamed. Furthermore , In our society, the life of a divorced girl is made worse than hell . And all her life she has been known as a divorced girl. Unfortunately, every time people blame a woman for a failed marriage. Even if the man has marital relationship, suspicious nature, drug addiction and other reasons, the woman is still told that it is your destiny to live your life like this. But they are not asked to speak up for their rights and take divorce from their husband. Because she is a woman and in our society woman can’t talk about their right or divorce. If a woman talks to a man, she is called a miscreant and her husband does not delay in divorcing her. We always say that our society is becoming modern but despite being so modern, women are not being given their rights and women are being called wrong.