Foundation of Malik Meraj Khalid School: First phase to cost 25 Crore PKR



Lahore:    Governor of Punjab Ch Mohammad Sarwar laid the foundation of Malik Meraj Khalid School in support of philanthropists. Its first phase will cost around Rs 25 Crore. Friends of Lahore will initially provide 5 Crore as donation. Governor Punjab also expressed his interest to establish a university with the name of Malik Meraj Khalid. Wife of Governor Punjab Begum Perveen sarwar announced to bear all the expenses of a special block built for girls to provide them free technical skills.According to details Governor Punjab laid the foundation stone of Malik Meraj Khalid School in memory of Ex caretaker PM of Pakistan Malik Meraj Khalid at Barki Road Lahore .All the cost of this project will be borne by Governor of Punjab Ch Mohammad Sarwar, Gohar Ijaz, Mian Talat, Anwar A Ghani from Charitable organization Friends of Lahore and other philanthropists. Chairman Akhuwat foundation Dr Amjad Saqib also announced to provide 5 million Rs assistance for this project. President Anjaman Ikhwan e Islam Rana Mohammad Mansha, SVP Ch Shafaat Hussain, Mohammad Usman Hamza and others were also present at this occasion.While speaking to inaugural session and media persons governor Punjab Ch Mohammad Sarwar said that those who serve humanity are remembered in history, not those who owned palaces, wealth and titles. The passion and sincerity which philanthropists are working with in Pakistan, especially the health and education sector is an example for the world to follow .All members associated with Friends of Lahore organization always stepped forward in difficult times for people and for other charitable works.Governor Punjab said that Late Malik Meraj Khalid served in big offices including the office of caretaker PM of Pakistan but his only mission in life was to help the needy, destitute and serve humanity. We will continue his mission and today we laid the foundation stone of Malik Meraj Khalid School. The facilities provided in this school will be at par with the facilities provided in any other top charitable institute.Governor Punjab Ch Mohammad Sarwar further said that his mission in life is also to serve humanity. With 2 hospitals and schools under the banner of Sarwar foundation we are providing health and educational facilities to needy people and also providing safe drinking water to millions of people daily. I promise that that day is not far away when we will also lay down the foundation stone of Malik Meraj Khalid University. Service to humanity is the greatest source of satisfaction for me.While talking to the ceremony, Chairman Akhuwat Foundation, Dr Amjad Saqib said that Governor Punjab is always seen in the front row in crises like corona or any other crises on poor people. When and wherever people need help Governor Punjab himself and his Sarwar Foundation can be seen helping people. We pay tribute to all the philanthropists in Pakistan he added