Following MTBC’s steps organizations can contribute to betterment of society



BAGH, (Parliament Times) : Chairman Public Accounts Committee, Central Leader Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Abdul Rashid Turabi inaugurated the computer lab set up by MTBC at Aaghosh Khidmat Orphan Center. The computer center is equipped with 10 computers and other equipment, which will enable about 60 orphans living in the center to get computer education.

Speaking at the occasion, Chairman Public Accounts Committee Abdul Rashid Turabi said that, gift of computer lab by MTBC, for helpless children is a great initiative. MTBC has always provided employment to the people as well as excellent social services for which people of all schools of thought appreciate their services. He said that other social organizations should follow the footsteps of MTBC and play their role for the betterment of the society. Meanwhile, he visited the office of MTBC and inspected various departments where he was briefed on the work and quality of MTBC.

Turabi commended the management of MTBC for providing employment to a large number of people in an area like Bagh in accordance with international standards and hoped that the same quality and services would continue in the future as well. Maulana Manaan Gohar, Raja Ijaz, Director Public Relations MTBC Sardar Zartif Badshah and Zahid Mahmood were also present on the occasion