Silence, the loudest scream

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Ambreen Bashir
Silence is the source of great strength and it’s the loudest scream somebody keeps inside. Silence nourishes our mind, soul and makes us reflective as it is our internal necessity. We learn to discern our distractions and respond constructively. Through, the silence we ingress into the imaginary world where we can express our creativity beyond our boundaries. Silence makes us physically, mentally, emotionally and morally strong and weak. All the words, sometimes fail to translate what’s going on inside us. Silence is deep, a beautiful, bittersweet attitude that forgot our essence. It is full of meaning and untold stories. It holds immense power. In the same way, when we learn to control our words in the mind, we will be able to create what we want in life instead of reacting impulsively in dint to a restless mind. Silence creates too many ideas, which lead to confusion. It neither creat confidence nor fear, but beyond that, just used as a blunt weapon for stunts. Like the observation in musing silence, a novel thought occurred. It slipped a human through his mind so subtly like a dim light passing through the stained glass window. Silence is a good win and conquers and freaking mind, not to prove a point or satisfy one’s ego. History is proofed that no battles are won with silence. It contains numerous wars.

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