Electricity crisis in Makran

Mustafa A. Samad
Makran is a division of Balochistan. It receives electricity from Iran. Balochistan government buys electricity from Iran and facilitate the people. Makran is facing electricity crisis since long. Today, electricity is considered as one of the most basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. But still we are deprived of it. Load-shedding is not only disturbing the work places but it is also disturbing the students to concentrate on their study.It is impossible for the students to bear the blazing weather.The temperature in Turbat, a city of Makran, has been recorded more than 50 celsius this summer. Unavailability of electricity has made the life of citizens suffer extremely difficult.In such a place, government has to subsidise and provide cheap electricity whereas, the cost of electricity is more here in comparison of other provinces. We request the government and our ministers to raise this issue up and ease the people. Here masses are at poverty line, it is hard to afford the high cost of electricity with lots of taxes.

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