Misconceptions about Pashtoons

Naseeb Ullah Achakzai
Self-defence has been endorsed by Islam, all other religions, as well as international laws. Reprehending someone because of their abilities of bravery and posturing them as a warmonger for their vested interests is unfair. Pashtoon as a nation has always defended its motherland against foreign invasions. Whenever they had attacked out of its territory, the reasons were that they had been invited by the fellow Muslims or by the local residents for their protection against the colonial and brutal forces. The Pashtun codes of life (Pashtonwali) are the vital instances of Pashtoon as a peaceful nation. The invasion of Ahmad Shah Abdali on India has always been quoted wrongly by twisting the reality. History is witnessed that he was invited by Shah Waliullah so that to defend Islam and protect Muslims. If he had invaded India for any other reason then what is wrong with it as dynastic invasions have been taking place for centuries by dynasties throughout history. Different Islamic dynasties, French colonialism, the British lust for occupation, the Nato, and the US have been part of it.Yes. Pashtoon has been worrier and brave by defending their motherland. They defended Afghanistan against Alexander, Changez, the Nadir Shah Afshar, the British, the Soviets, and even though against the US. All these wars were fought inself-defence. Unfortunately, they are portrayed as a warmonger nation which is beyondreality. The code of life shows that they are a peaceful nation. The true sense of Badal (Revenge), Nanawatai, (sanctuary), pana (asylum), and Jirga (A council of elders) all revolve around the peaceful solution of a tussle (particularly of an issue of killing and enmity). In addition, the KhudaiKhismatgartanzeem (servants of God), of Badsha Khan is the pertinent example of peace and non-violence_which stood for the protection of Pashtoon rights against British colonialism.The Characterization of Pashtuns and their Indoctrination has misleadingly depicted them as noble_savage. History testimonies that all such nonsense titles have been given by those who intruded the Pashtoon land and faced strong resistance from the Pashtoon nation. When they failed to subjugate this nation, the unrealistic interpretation of the Pashtoon code of life took place. Pashtoon is a peaceful nation. The false theories and unrealistic exposition about this nation as a warmonger and a savage nation need a collective and coherent approach from the Pashtoon intelligentsia. In the war of others due to the geopolitical location of the Pashtoon land, this nation has suffered more. What is needed is that the real facts about Pashtoon as a peace-loving nation should be shown to the world that the imposed extremism and terrorism are the brainchild of the foreigners for the accomplishment of their vested interests on Pashtun land.

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