Lack of water in Gwadar


Hani Khalil Ahmed
It is clear that Gwadar is a well-known city in Balochistan, Pakistan but it has a major Problem which is wastage of water. Because, water is being wasted every day and night in Gwadar. They don’t care of water and everyone is wasting water, car-wash services and factories are using water with dishonesty. Nonetheless, water is flowing in streets of Gwadar, which creates problems for the people who are living there and not having water. It is shamful for us to waste water because there people are dying every day due to the shortage of water. Furthermore, water management in Gwadar, a port city on the southwestern Coast of Balochistan Pakistan has turned into a severe challenge for local and national authorities.The citizens have taken to the streets to Protest both against the water crisis and the authorities that have failed to pay the tanker companies which have been providing water to the city for the past months. Indeed, the city has struggled with unending a seemingly water crisis since may 2017. And this crisis is bound to get worse as Gwadar’s annual population growth rate of nearly 3 percent is expected to balloon once port companies start hiring. Meanwhile, the government has not yet found a sustainable solution of the water issue, rather it has been paying tanker companies to truck in water from Meerani Dam in the neighboring district of Kech around 150 kilometers away from Gwadar city, at the Cost of Rs. 17,000 (about 254074) for each tanker. The contractors have repeatedly stopped supplying water over Payment disputes holding the citizens of Gwadar de-facto hostage. This time, it has been more than a week since they stopped trucking water into the city forcing the citizens to take to the streets. To conclude, water-tankers remain the only solution for now and while there is no shortage funding, thise is clear lack of interest in Permanently sloving this ongoing issue.