Sohail Anjum Malik;

London/Islamabad,(Parliament Times) :  Hundreds of workers and human rights activists who came from the different parts of United Kingdom UK staged anti-India , pro- freedom of Kashmir and Palestine protest in Cornwall to condemn the rising killings of political activists , human rights violations and arrests of political leaders in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and Palistine. The protesters gathered at the main venue of G7 conference.
The protest march was jointly led by Tehreek-e-Kashmir TeK UK ,
Resist G7 Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Trade Unions and Climate Change Groups Proteaters were shouting ” go India go back” , ” stop human rights violations in Kashmir, ” free Palistine and ” implement UN resolutions on Kashmir slogans.
President TeK UK Raja Fahim Kayani said while addressing the protesters that Struggle of Kashmiris is a moral question that puts to shame those who claim to be harbingers of freedom, defenders of human rights, and providers of justice. Kayani said that when G7 leadership is meeting in UK, India has turned IIOJK in to a concentration camp and has made life of Kashmiri people hell. Children are main victims at the hands of Indian Army in Kashmir since 1989. Let us remind these conscience keepers that Kashmiris have been denied right to self-determination promised by these same countries in 1948. Kashmir is the longest unresolved issue in the United Nations and the people of Kashmir are being punished by India army for asking their political rights.
” Your business interests have made you blind. Come out of this hypocrisy and stand for justice, human rights and basic right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir. Your silence has made you complicit in settler colonialism after India opened gates of extremist Hindu settlers by removing citizenship safeguards on August 05, 2019, ” President TeK UK Kayani observed.

Kayani further said that India is openly violating Geneva Conventions by removing natives and settling a non-native, anti-Muslim settlers. Kashmir is a Muslim majority region and India is changing the demography because India knows it will lose Kashmiris hands down when a plebiscite is held. Kayani further said that Kashmir is the most militarised area in the world. More than half a million people have killed on last 73 years , especially one hundred thousands people were killed in last 30 years. More than 13 thousands women have been molested. New Delhi is committing environmental terrorism.Indian military forces have occupied fertile lands, orchards, farm fields, fresh waterndia is not only committing war crimes again humanity but also lakes, forests and more than 2. 8 million kanals of land in Kashmir. And the Indian occupational military is plundering Kashmiris resources, cutting down forests, transporting timber to their military bases in India because of which glaciers are melting at a faster pace to caiae flashfloods in the area. .

Kayani reminded the world leaders that India is not only responsible for war crimes against humanity in Kashmir but also must be held accountable for environmental terrorism at a time when global leaders are holding climate summits to counter global climate  change. The World must stop India’s demographic terrorism in Kashmir.It is time to stand up against India’s settler colonialism and hold it accountable for its war crimes and human rights abuses in Kashmir, President TeK UK Kayani concluded.

Tony Staunton Chairman Resist G7 Coalition, Abadeen Palestine Centre, Naeem Khan PSC, Shakeel Khan Deputy Sec Gen TeK UK, Ch Muhammad Sharif Senior Vice President TeK UK,
Tanveer Akmal Vice President TeK UK , Khawajah Suleman Founding member TeK UK, Ch Muhammad Yousaf Pres. TeK UK North Zone, Ch Zahid Iqbal Pres. TeK South Zone, Ch M Ramzan Pres. Luton , Raja Muhammad Azad President TeK Sheffield
Aqdis mughal media coordinator TeK South Zone. Rehana Ali info Sec TeK UK, Azam Farooq Sec Gen TeK Midland Zone, Khalid Mehmood TeK Manchester, Raja Ibrar TeK Sandwell Council, Abbas Raja Bussiness Forum TeK UK, Saqdiq Khokar Pres. TeK Liecester , Sajid Malik Sec Gen. TeK Luton , Syed Zeeshan Shah Deputy Sec Gen South Zone , Arif Kayani Senior Vice Pres. TeK UK South Zone and Stuart Richard Stop the War Coalition also condemned human rights violations committed by Indian army in Indian occupied Kashmir


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