Rape of Pakistani parliament

Muhammad Hussain Khan
Despite coming into existence 73 years ago, Pakistan is still a polio patient. It can no stand on its foot. The recent accident in. Parliament shows that how we are a civilized nation. In civilization, Pakistan is top throughout the world. We have left far away from the USA, UK, and Russia in the race of civilization. Parliament is a Supreme institution where the Constitution makes for the running of a country. Yesterday when I saw the situation of Parliament when the opposition leader was delivering a speech on the facial budget, the government ministers were listening saliently as a child listens to the fairy tale story of his grandmother. The story does not end here, we show the world how we give respect to one another in parliament. Their friendship is so strong and they always rose flowers to one another, especially yesterday they fell jasmine flower with melodies songs. Our nation becomes wonder how it was a good relationship among the parliamentarians. In addition, the nation always listens to their melodies songs in Parliament. Who says that Indian idol has good singers, maybe they don’t know the melody voices of Pakistani politicians. Our parliament always produces 342 singers every five years. Furthermore, our Parliament always is an engineering action actor as well. A boxing match was arranged between the PPP and PTI minister on the ground of Javed Chaudhry stadium. In a nutshell, Pakistan has a different type of talent and not one can compete with it. Pakistan has a good singer platform such as Parliament. Similarly, it has a stadium such as Studio, a talk show where every type of match can arrange. If we continue this type of activity, the days are not more away from becoming Pakistan’sbecome standardize civilized country.

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