Causes of Depression


Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
Depression is one of the most dangerous disease who makes a person weaker either mentally, physically or socially. Depression comes when you are too much free and feel that now my life has been stopped and I have no reason to live. So these thoughts make you inferior and push you near to the suicide and many precious lives loss their life without facing these obstacles of the life. No doubt when you expect something but happen something else, you become depress and when you think too much about uncertain things then you get depression. A depressed person is always less confident, and always take pin drop silence in his mouth but this silence runs in his mind like a loud speaker. Allah Almighty has given every solution of every reason. According to my experience, when you feel that unexpected things are happening around you which is pushing you in crisis and depression than take a big breath and spend sometimes in isolation and think what is happening with me? Why it is happening with me? from Where these problems started? Why these started? And what is the solutions of these problems? When you will make these questions with yourself and will try to find out the answers of these questions then you will make it easy and can solve these problems without being over depressed or inferior. Everything is depend upon us that how we are taking these issues, bigger or smaller. A small problem can be the headache if we will repeat it every time, and a bigger issue can be small if we try to solve it with strategy, think for yourself, work on your self, you don’t need to be a motivational councilor for others. Your battle should be with you and you have to fight with your self to make your life better. A world can’t be changed by you but you can be changed with yourself and this is real a change of world. This is a big reason of our collapse that we always pass few comments for others but we don’t look after ourselves, even we are unaware about our qualities and weak points. We have to dig out our dark aspects and we should work on these dark aspect to make it brighter and lightened. When we will follow these instructions we can make a change inside ourselves and changing should be appeared in our character.