Covid-19 restrictions

Mudasir Hussain Brohi
Ever-so-often the novel Corona virus has been detected in the world. From that day, people have not been following SOP’s and we know that many people have lost their previous lives. In spite of that, we have not been following SOP’s across Pakistan, are in extreme fear of novel virus in order to remain safe from other districts of Pakistan, people are talking all possible steps and precautionary measures against novel virus. But now, i want to tell you about my city that is city Shikarpur. Even many, people have lost their lives because of not taking Corona virus seriously. A majority of people ignore to follow SOP’s. They are still not taking it seriously and it has been increasing the chances of the spread of the lethal virus.and we are keen to go markets, parks and restaurants. and thronging markets and public places. and do not wear masks or use hand sanitizers. As if they are on an extended vacations. Hardly a few of them follow SOP’s, wear masks, have sanitizers with them, we must stay at their homes and do not venture out without any good reason. However, these laws are equally for everyone. Even the shops that are open have no sanitizers at the entrance or ask customers to wear masks when entering their establishments. Who will will be responsible for this huge carelessness? In addition to this, all people know that the novel virus has been decreasing every passing day across the country.beforet hat , But it does not mean that people continue to be carelessness regarding Corona virus. All people must follow SOP’s, stay at their homes and protect themselves from it and others till completion of eradication of the novel virus from the Pakistan. We hope that concerned authorities would take swift actions to investigate this issue regarding carelessness people of city as well as other cities and provide a peaceful environment to citizens.

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