TeK UK protesters call on immediate punishment to killers of Kashmiris


Birmingham,(Parliament Times) :  Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK on Friday organized a peaceful protest demonstration in Birmingham against India’s war crimes in Indian-occupied Kashmir. The gory example of India’s war crimes in Kashmir is the Chotta Bazar massacre when Indian forces gunned down 30 innocent Kashmiri on June 11 in 1991.

Demonstrators led by Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK President Fahim Kayani recalled the sacrifices of these martyrs who were shot dead by Indian forces because India forces take joy in killing Kashmiris in cold blood. The protesters carrying banners and placards in favor of Kashmir’s complete freedom from Indian military occupation sought exemplary punishment for those involved in the killing of innocent Kashmiri people. Paying glorious tributes Chotta Bazar massacre martyrs said the Kashmiri people have been offering priceless sacrifices for a great and sacred cause of right to self-determination, which is the birthright of Kashmiris.

Kayani said the case for freedom of Kashmir is internationally recognized and the day is not far when India will flee Kashmir because of the mass sacrifices Kashmiris have given. It is hypocrisy of international community that is silent on India’s war crimes in Kashmir, he added. Tanveeer Akmal ,Vice President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK said thousands of people have offered the sacrifices of their precious lives which include children, elderly, women and also pro-freedom leaders for the cause of right to self-determination. Khawajah Suleman Director KIIR TeK UK , Raja Azad President TeK Sheffield, Azam Farooq Sec Gen TeK Midland Zone and Ibrar Raja President TeK Sandwell Council said that process of offering sacrifices continues and that the struggle to achieve the basic birth­right will continue.