Senior Kashmiri leaders show profound grief over death of Khizer Muhammad


ISLAMABAD,  (Parliament Times) :   Senior Kashmiri Leader and former Member House of Lords UK Lord Nazir Ahmed and Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Moment Altaf Ahmed Butt and President think tank Institute of Peace and development INSPAD former Advisor Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum on the demise of Khizer Muhammad Shah, father of eminent London-based Kashmiri scholar Ghulam Nabi Falahi, who was also brother in law of martyred Advocate Hussamuddin Qadri shaheed Expressed deep sorrow and grief and offered condolences. On this occasion, they prayed for the reward and ascension of the late Dr. Falahi, and Qadri family and other bereaved families. They also prayed for the patience and perseverance of all the family members, including Brother Mr Falai.