Kashmiris pay homage to Chota Bazar martyrs


S. A Haidri
Muzaffarabad: A rally was organized under the aegis of Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir at Kohala to pay homage to the great sacrifices of the martyrs of Jammu and Kashmir, including Tufail Mattoo and the martyrs of Chhota Bazaar.
According to details, rally participants marched on Muzaffarabad-Islamabad main highway, Indian flag was set on fire by the protesters while chanting Anti-India and pro-freedom slogans.

Participants in the rally carried placards and banners with pictures of the martyrs of Chhota Bazaar and Tufail Matoo.

The rally was addressed by Chairman Uzair Ahmad Ghazali, PPP leader Shaukat Javed Mir, Jamaat-e-Islami leader Abdul Latif Abbasi, political and social leader Javed Ahmad Mughal, Vice Chairman PeH Usman Ali Hashim, Maulana Muhammad Zarif Abbasi and other speakers.

Speakers on the occasion said that on this very day, the CRPF operatives of India had indiscriminately opened fire on unarmed civilians in Chhota Bazaar and killed 30 civilians and injured dozens more.

They voiced that Indian security forces have repeatedly attacked civilians in the disputed state.

“It is unfortunate that the international community, the international human rights organizations have not taken any significant action against this open terrorism of Indian forces and killing of unarmed civilians”, they lamented.

The speakers paid homage to the martyrs of Chota Bazaar, saying that Tufail Matoo, a 13-year-old was the first martyr of the youth movement against India in 2010 and was shot dead by the Indian forces during a protest.

They maintained that Tufail was martyred along with 119 other children who were martyred in 2010.

The speakers said that India should know that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a unity whose division will never be accepted and considered as conspiracy against the Muslim majority.

They added that the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will continue their struggle till the attainment of independence, right to self-determination and justice.

On 11 June 1991, 30 unarmed civilians were martyred in Chota Bazaar of Srinagar in whicj 13 years old Tufail Mattoo (youngest martyr of freedom movement) embraced martyrdom for the just cause of freedom.