Gang-rape victim attempts to commit Suicide


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Thatta: A Teenager attempted to end his life after reportedly being subjected to gang rape and brutal torture by a group of unknown people in Thatta on Friday.
According to sources four unidentified men abducted Mahmood Ghandro 15 from outside his house and took him to an unknown place where they subjected him to brutal torture and gang rape. It was also disclosed that they purportedly shot a video.
The father of the victim told local reporters that; Since his son went missing they started searching for him and found him in an unconscious state, it seemed that he was heavily drugged by the accused before being raped. He was brought to the house where after gaining consciousness he told his parents about the whole incident. According to his father, after they had left him alone in the room he went on the rooftop of the house and jumped from there as an attempt to commit suicide. “We reached there only to see him lying in the pool of blood”, said the father of the victim.
He was brought to Civil Hospital Thatta where his condition started deteriorating and he was shifted to Jinnah Hospital Karachi for treatment. The doctor who received the teenager at the Civil hospital Thatta said that the victim sustained critical injuries on the head and neck. and was bleeding profusely.
The father of the victim alleged that Police were not taking any action despite knowing about the accused. However, the chieftain of the Ghandro tribe Dada Adam Ghandro, social Activist Ayaz Lashari, and others warned to stage a protest outside the SSP office if Police failed to arrest those involved in the horrendous episode. Adam Ghandro while talking to local journalists said that Police had failed to dispense law and order in Thatta, the otherwise peaceful district. Ayaz Lashari said that people of Thatta had kept mum over increasing cases of child abuse, this reluctance would make us pay heavily, he held. It would be pertinent mentioning here that 4 teenagers have been subjected to sexual assault in Thatta during the past 3 months.