A Dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it’s take sweat, determination and Hard work

Shema Abdul Wahid
A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensation that usually occur involuntarily in the mind. It’s true that price of success is hardwork and determination.A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes courage.Success is all about lots of sacrifices and sleepless nights.But you will be able to enjoy each and every moment of your life when you choose to live your dreams.Follow your dreams and live for them and for your passion because it’s a key to live a happy and meaningful life.People who are focused and determined to be successful,don’t believe in the World of magic.The magical world is for whom are lazy.One, who follows the path of magic,is ignorant and oblivious to the key to success which doesn’t fall from the sky. Every great dreamer requires great execution.Only dreams can’t define your success and future.You have to work smarter and harder in order to achieve it.Dream about it, but also have the courage to work on it.Moreover, every great journey starts with a dream. Every great dream take determination and hard work.You have to work hard if you want to sound different from others.On the other hand ,one of a great authors nicely quoted that “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to persue them”.No-one can deny the fact that until there is no desire, there is not any goal.We must be courageous to persuade our dreams. Besides this,believe in the beauty of your dreams and start working for them. The path of success is hard, but it’s result is fruitful. Therefore, believe in your dreams and never give up. Furthermore, we all are unique and different from others and all of us have different dreams, but remember one thing ,a dream doesn’t become reality automatically So,work dawn to dusk in order to to reach in your destination.It’s not about talent rather it’s about the passion.You can develop the talent but you can’t be passionate about something which you don’t love.If you wish to see the sweet result, you have to come up with hard times.A dream doesn’t become reality through magic rather it becomes reality through the sacrifices.Your few years of hustle can change your future.Be ready to take the risk and hunt your goals.We have to be courageous.Make it special with your beautiful efforts so that you are not going to regret.Let’s start to dream and work for their successful ending from today. It’s your time to be determined for your future.Thus, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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