What are the causes of corruption?


Beebarg Wahid
Corruption is a devil deed that destroys everything with its consequences. It is the state of dishonesty and exploiting others’ rights that makes no difference between animals and humans. whoever is more powerful, snatches a weak one’s bread. Special forces like NAB and others work to reduce corruption. However, the real troubles are the causes which are unable to be controlled in most cases. Corruptions are formed due to serious causes that lead to severe results. one of the biggest cause of corruption is low level of income of powerful and authoritative officers. Actually, they are the one who run government, share others rights and sustain laws and manage the system of country. If they are given abundant works and responsibilities with less income which is unaffordable to their families like children school fees, gas bill, electricity bills, daily foods and meals all take one part. so of course they do what is necessary. Moreover, inflation spread the range of corruption. By the way, corruption range is mostly considered to be in government sectors and private sectors, but due to high rate of prices, this takes middle class and poor people involved. the rate of prices of even basic rights such as, bread, sugar, electricity, methane gas are unaffordable. In order to live, poor people need to eat and drink which are out of their pay. In this case, they must do corruption to maintain themselves. Apart from inflation in country and low income of prominent officers, there are some greedy people who do corruption without any hesitation. Including political leaders, ministers, and kings. For instance :the money and rights of others given by MIF or world bank or PM, then they are given undergrade ministers and officers to distribute like sport funds, education funds, agriculture funds and health funds e.t.c. among people. But they take a good part of money and budgets for making a life in foreign countries. In this case, there is a quote, it says, “if water is dirty from above then beneath does not matter”. So the middle class has to exploit others. On the other hand, these causes lead to bribery and exploitation of others right. No one will take care of others rights. All seats and jobs like even toilet washers will belong to prominent and rich people. These people give bribe and take what is necessary without knowledge and hardworking. Whereas rest remain unemployed. In addition, these causes result in eradication of honestly, integrity and baffling others. Indeed if low class and middle class people are not given their dues, they may rob banks, cheat with others for money. They will stand on words like, “if you want to live, you must exploit others”. Corruption is a disease caused by terrible factors which finishes humanity, the difference between good and bad. It makes happy and fit only those people who are rich and have authority. In this regard, there will always be class conflict and exploitation of others rights.