Shehzad Sakim
Poetry is a curse. It is present out in every country with their populated population. Further, it is affecting the population very speedly.As a result there are some countries their people are suffering in present from anxiety, depression disorders and mentally very dangerously because crisis of employments. However, it become like a virus for people and countries due to of their low commercial. It is estimated in last year in 2020 by W.H.O world health organisation that in every year, month and days it cases are coming rapidly and it is also said that it will be the worst issue for nations in their future. In fact, there are some countries for those it is really a surprised question which causes and also causing their basic roots of interest, economic and the population. It is reality and also estimated that there are many countries where 500 more than this and less people die everyday due to of this reason. The world is being destroyed because of poverty. In contrary to if, this is not solved and cared really countries will face worst reasons dangerously in future.