Freedom of expression in turmoil


Naseebullah khan
The more a system evolves the more it develops. In the case of a controlled media, the fundamental of media freedom such as the freedom of expression losses its valor. The same has been happening in Pakistan, where censorship has been a death blow to the dissemination of free news and expression. In a long run, the sufferers are the masses and the country. Negative agenda setting, propaganda, commercialism, yellow journalism, sentiosantiolism, and the presence of non_qualified journalists were already erupting the society___ while the new mantra of blaming and labelling Politicians and credible journalists have further stigmatized the freedom of media in the country.Banning trustworthy anchors and journalists from appearing on media is not a new phenomenon. But, blaming and trolling media persons with treason and alleging their accounts by handling from the enemy state is a new sting on the face of media. If the patriotism of Mr. Hamid Mir and Ms. AsmaSherazi was cautionable, they should have been faced the law of the land long ago and would have been stopped from hosting the shows. Why AsmaSherazi is still hosting her show, while why Hamid Mir has been barred from hosting show? This makes no sense. How strange it is that they are trolled by those journalists whose credibility is at stake. The media regulatory authority itself has become a dysfunctional drum beater. The responsible of the authority are have themselves been violating the features of the ordinance. The section 20 of the PEMERA ordinance says that the regulator can penalize channels if through their program or advertisements they encourage violence or sectarianism or indecency etc. An impartial person will fully convince, that Syed Talat Hussain, NusratJaved, Matiullah Jan, Hamid Mir, AsmaSherazi, etc. have never done such. Not to mention the current government, the ongoing situation of media is signalling the dysfunctionality of the parliament, which has been losing its worth. The pathetic phenomenon of censorship has risen many questions on the workability of this tire of democracy. At one end, the government of the people has been at loss, while on the flip side, the voice of the people has strangulated. Consequently, polarization which is at its peak has been a sword of Damocles for the unity__ never before had there been such a need. The policymakers should pay attention to the crises which the state is in their grip. Constructive criticism leads one to productive decisions. Banning Hamid Mir and trolling AsmaSherazi is not the option. Focusing on the challenges and cataclysms would be a wise option, ratherthan cutting the feathers of the media.