Fatima Mukhtar: A Role Model For Young Generation


Naeem Kandwal
Children are the future of nations. If we train our children at the right age and time, they will help us in building a strong nation that knows their values, culture and language. I believe that child health and well-being is a prerequisite for children’s development and learning. Good mental, emotional, and physical health allows children to think clearly, develop socially, learn new skills, and build the self-confidence to reach their full potential. Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are interlinked and dependent upon many complex factors, including: sufficient nutritious food, adequate shelter and sleep, sanitary and safe living conditions, access to health care, stimulating physical and mental activities, building healthy identities, understanding and dealing with trauma, nurturing and responsive relationships, opportunities for play with peers, supporting equity and respect, and understanding appropriate behavioral guidance. Today I am writing about a revolutionary woman who has dedicated her life for the welfare of children. Her name is Fatima Mukhtar. Ms. Fatima Mukhtar is a highly educated woman. She is a teacher and child welfare specialist. She has done BA HONS POLITICAL SCIENCE from Kinnaird College Lahore. When I asked about her extraordinary services and achievements, she said: “How do I begin to describe the passion I carry for being a teacher & childcare developer for some it needs motivation and for other like myself, It just came naturally to me From the adolescent years as far as I recall, I always wanted to be in the teaching & child care development profession. As a kid I recall baby-sitting my nephews and nieces. It wasn’t as if I would earn my allowance looking after them, but I had a zest of looking after children. I found it coming naturally to me as I made them do their homework’s and helped them along with their school projects and activities. Somehow it just connected and it was magical. My Mother by profession was a teacher. Amongst the few inspirational people in my life, my mother was someone who had a significant impact on me. I saw her life and profession as a role model from a very early age. I remember once she saw me looking after children and teaching them, she said to me that “I am gifted”. These words stayed back with me all those years and acted as a motivational tool to develop myself into a teaching professional that I am today. As an adult, in the gloomy days, I find myself going back & reconnecting to these words as they always lift me up and bring a smile back on my face along with the confidence to self-motivate myself. My passion triggered an extra ordinary interest in the well-being of children. At the age of 13, it just hit me. I wanted to run child care and learning setup of my own. Many dreams fade away with time, especially the ones you plan during your teenage years. But this one stayed. And it grew brighter and more prominent with time. I remember how fervently I would write up ideas in my diary for all the things I would do when I would have my own center. My undergraduate degree came in political science honors. I did it with an aim to explore other dimensions of my horizon. And to my amaze I did pretty well and graduated with a decent percentage. After college I found work pretty quickly. I started off with a teaching institute but quickly realized that my aptitude & my passion would just fade away into the conventional teaching systems and I would be mimicking into established historic ways of teaching where creative ideas are compromised. I left that job and decided that it was time to start the journey I had been dreaming since I was a kid. I started my own work from a very small arrangement I made at my home. I marketed from door to door, gave orientations and spread the idea of my beautiful dream. It wasn’t easy. Many who knew me suggested that I should go back to taking a job with some learning institute, but I didn’t. somehow the passion inside me burned brighter than the hardships I was facing. Slowly yet surely my concept picked up and people started showing interest. I find myself tracing back to my first clients who gave me a chance to where I am now. Today I am content and I think so pursuing my passion and leaving the it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My concept is individuality. I am strong believer and preacher of this idea that everyone is unique. The Dane modern age has made people common, mechanical and have exterminated the concept of individuality. I cannot emphasize enough that we humans are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. The concept of individuality can only surface through exploration and the best tool to do that is through teaching and learning. I work with kids with an essential goal that I help them discover their own self in the truest and most creative of ways. It makes them happy and content while being better learners as the same time. My aim is to create a system where academics & personality development go hand in hand. My approach will not let the society or the system define the kids through any stereotypical, primitive standards but where a child is happy to explore new ideas, concepts and be content with it and themselves. I am happy to say that over the years the clientele I have made has stayed with me for a number of years. It has a been self-exploration journey as well and I have realized that teacher, student bond if molded in the right way stays for life. I am happy with how far I have come and achieved but the road is still long and I am pleased to be on this path where I am living my dream and creating a difference. As a goal I want to liaison my educational and learning methodology & my institute with an international teaching system. An accreditation from an international system is not something that I want to achieve in pride but also, it’s a milestone for all the hard yards I have covered to be where I am today. I am working actively towards it. With each passing day, I find myself a little bit close to the landmark I have set for myself. Till then I continue to do, what I do best: Teach and Care for kids”.Children are the future of nations. Ms. Fatima Mukhtar has proved her patriotism. Her services to the nation are highly commendable. She is a role model for young generation. She is a great example of women empowerment. She is an asset to our nation.