Unemployment in Pakistan


Erum Tamkeen Baloch
Unemployment is really become a deep question for country of Pakistan which is really facing in present dangerously. It is estimated that the number of jobless people of Pakistan reached to the point of 62.91m in 2020-21. So, in this regard Pakistan is the 9th largest Labour force in the world which is increasing day by day. However, because of Unemployment most of the educated people are facing this a huge issue in in their prsent and career. In contrary to due to of low economic, the country id unable to porvides jobs to the educated one’s. Unemployment, is because of Inflation and the people are committing suicide and being patient of Syco and also suffering from starvation anxiety depression and disorders rapidly.It is my humbly request to the Govt of PTI please take action rather Pakistan will be among the highest unemployment rate.