Global warming

Parvez Ahmed.
The increase of temperature of earth due to pollution is called global warming. The world is constantly sinking or drowning because of people are producing an unthinkable amount of trash, at least 5.8 million tones derbies are being produced every day, and in other words, they are producing, making high hill of more than 2.12 trillion tones wasting each year. In Pakistan 60,000 tones are being wasted each day, and this is not only causing air population, but also water pollution; unstoppable burning of fossils fuels usage of fertilizers, cutting forests, extra usage of electricity; gases used in refrigerators all above are causing dangerously global warming. People are being effected to many new diseases, for instance, lungs cancers, skin cancers, eyes, but in the ancient time, people were strong and mental healing.The main causes: are uncontrollable garbage, unchecked industrious, advancement and rapid population growth.The increasing level of Co2 is causing greenhouse affected. By which all greenhouse gases( water vapour, Co2 , methane, ozone) thermal radiation, which in turn are radiated to all directions and come back to earth surface causing in the temperature of earth and lead to global warming. The government and societies should stop cutting deforestation, the extra usage of electricity; stop the burning of wood and plastic.

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