Electricity; A huge problem

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Parvez Ahmed
As it is clear to everyone that, Turbat is the second largest city of Balochistan where it lacks fundamental facilities including library, internet and electricity is on of them. Consequently, when we have a glance over it then its load shedding is a big problem which becomes a reason of depression for people nowadays. As it is already mentioned in world times after Jacakabad Turbat is the second hottest city but still citizens of it are suffering from it. A part from this, it is not available for 20 hours but still every month the bill is above Rs; 10000. This amount huge of money is the only salary for many people so if they only pay the bill so how can come they feed themselves and educate their children. In modern life ever requirement is based on electricity especially in warm area like Turbat where without air condition bearing the heat is difficult. Eventually, the only solution for this problem is that government must pass a fix bill which can be affordable for everyone and solve this burning issue as soon as she does.

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