Mira 25 Progressive Party calls for recognition of the state of Palestine:

Athens,(Parliament Times) :The party’s general conference was held in Athens, with the attendance of delegates from all regions of Greece, and the party’s general secretary, Yanis Varoufakis, said during his speech that a message of solidarity with the Palestinian people was sent through the presence of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine, Marwan Tubasi, the opening session of the conference, adding that he will present tomorrow to sessions  MERA25 General Conference Proposals “for discussion and vote by the First General Conference, calling on Greece and the European Union, on the one hand, to immediately recognize the State of Palestine, and on the other hand, to impose sanctions and cancel all military defense agreements, to impose an absolute arms embargo and a selective trade embargo.”  The State of Israel must equalize the recognized rights of Palestinians living in “Israel and end the occupation – something that, of course, requires the abolition of the apartheid state and the complete lifting of the blockade of Gaza.”
  In his speech, the party’s general secretary, Yanis Varoufakis, referred in particular to the presence of the Palestinian ambassador, whose presence represented the essence of our party’s support for the struggle of the Palestinian people, he said.
   Varoufakis, who served as a former finance minister and is now a member of the Greek parliament, condemned Netanyahu’s policies and the occupation, adding, “We Greeks know very well what occupation and ethnic cleansing mean,” Varoufakis asked in his speech, “To what extent will we tolerate rulers who embrace Netanyahu’s policies, laughing so hard”  Should the victims of colonial occupation turn a blind eye to the apartheid state established by Israel?
 In his speech, which was met with applause and slogans of support for the freedom of the Palestinian people to attend, Ambassador Marwan Tubassi saluted the leadership of the party and the members of the conference in the name of the Palestinian people and the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization, expressing wishes for the success of the conference in a way that contributes to the progress of Greece and its friendly people and victory over the challenges faced by the peoples of the world today.  The ambassador emphasized the common history and the values ??of democracy, justice and freedom that unite our Palestinian and Greek peoples, and the need to always improve this relationship in all its aspects.
 In his speech, Ambassador Tubassi invoked the series of crimes of the Zionist movement from the Nakba through the occupation to this day against the Palestinian people, the original owners of the land.  Through expansion, annexation, killing, reconstruction and preventing the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.  The ambassador said that Israel is playing the role of a rogue state, violating international law and international resolutions, and practicing war crimes that call for accountability, punishment and boycott, calling for a review of all military and non-military cooperation agreements with this country and its companies until it complies with ending the occupation and settlement and stopping the policy of racial discrimination.  The party cooperates with all Greek political parties in order to pressure the Greek government and the European Union countries to implement the Greek Parliament’s unanimous decision to recognize the state of Palestine on the 1967 borders, including the capital, East Jerusalem. The ambassador said that recognition of the Palestinian state is what achieves only the equation of commitment to the principles of the two-state solution and the law.  Without this, it is political hypocrisy that we do not accept to continue. He stressed that what is required now is to protect the Palestinian people in light of the crisis experienced by the occupying state, as well as to assume legal, political and moral responsibilities to end the occupation and enable our Palestinian people to enjoy their full national rights.
 At the conclusion of his speech, the ambassador thanked the leadership and members of the Mira 25 Progressive Party for their firm and principled stances towards solidarity with the struggle of our people through their parliamentary and public work.  The Palestinian keffiyeh al-Ramla, the icon of the Greek resistance, presented Manuel Gelius as an expression of appreciation and respect.
 Progressive thinker Noam Chomsky, international musician Roger Waters, British labor leader Jeremy Cobrin and others from different countries participated in presenting salutations to the party conference calling for ending Israeli occupation and apartheid and punishment against Israel.