Never ending poverty

Alia Asadullah
This is with reference to the editorial the never ending poverty down (April 24 2021). In Pakistan where day by day the poverty is increasing. Apart from this, on the other side, The prime minister Imran Khan have said that his administration performance of government have proved that PTI have decreased poverty in KP.And he more said that PIT had helped large number of people out of poverty.Furthermore, as we all know in Pakistan, the number of poor are living who didn’t have three times foods so here would it be said that Mr Imran Khan’s government have really did something for poor people.Well, by making temporary programs it wouldn’t alleviate poverty so an actual if they want to do something then there must be permanent programs for poors so that they should have three times food.Faraway pakistan economy is almost crashed due to the pandemic diseases so it’s losing due to covid-19 then what about the previous government’s why they have not fight against of poverty. It’s really far sure that every government is vulnerable and sloppy. Indeed, it’s is true. Because here education, health drinking water, sanitation and etc are not even given proper way to the poor civics. However, everyone is witnessed that there weren’t came such a government which had fullfiled the basic needs of poor which is food and shelter.Moreover The poverty is increased alot as Mr Imran Khan pledged that he would bring a betterment and finished the poverty then now it’s the highly time to complete the promises which he did to the public.


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