My Rights as a student !

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Nazir Ahmed
I’am an undergraduate student, pursuing LLB degree from SZABUL ( University) Karachi. Despite, of knowing all my constitutional, legal and fundamental rights, I am deprived of all. However, I have no access to; right to question the teacher, right to disagree on administrative actions, right to favourite wearing, right to approach ruling chair in institution on any matter, right to put legitimate demands like; availing hostels, parking and libraries,before Administrative troika and yet iam not allowed to ask for many other required Rights. Many students have gone under depression, out of weak administrative system. As recently, a final year medical student from sukkur had a suicide, leaving behind a letter, indicating his issues with institution. Likely, students ( couple) expressing open love ‘marriage proposal’ from Punjab university were expelled on charges of spreading obscenity. Yet there are many untold stories there, curtailing carriers of students. In short, the growing panic, dismay and depression amidst students is aftermath of weak administrative incumbents. Thus, the need of an hour for government is to ensure required Rights to students. In interest of peace between state and citizens, government must accept students demands fully, without reservations; as they constitutes important and volatile segments of society.

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