Cuba helped during inclemented days: Friends

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Islamabad,    (Parliament Times) :   The exchange held today by Ambassador Zéner J. Caro with a representation of Pakistani children and youth at the Fatima Jinnah Park in Islamabad turned into an emotional act of solidarity with Cuba and condemnation of the US blockade. The Friends of Cuba network convened the meeting on the fifteenth anniversary of the conclusion of the Henry Reeve Brigade’s support mission after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake.

Addressing the friends present, the head of the Cuban diplomatic mission recalled some passages of the presence of Cuban doctors in the areas most affected by the disaster, highlighting the sincere expressions of affection and respect they received from their patients. He also pointed out that most of the friends present at the gathering were only children or had not been born at that time, so their gratitude and their gestures of love for Cuba were the best testimony to the profound significance of the deeds of the island’s doctors in the history of Cuban-Pakistani relations.


“Cuba helped us in the most difficult moments of our history and therefore deserves our full support,” said several of the friends gathered in the emblematic park of the capital. “It is neither logical nor moral to block and sanction a country that sends doctors and medicines to save lives in other nations of the world,” commented others. “The blockade must stop now,” was the unanimous clamor. Embacuba Pakistan.

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