Palastine issue


Hina Younas
Palastine issue is no more a hidden story its not a conflict its a war crime a war thas has been initiated and imposed by mindsets of people who wants to own the world by killing innocent people ,children ,old people ,young people so that Palestine will have no more young generation to fight .Fight against the terrorist Israel and their occupation ,Jewish who were statless ,homeless who occupied the land homes of Palestinian people kicked them out of their homes and put a fence later called it a border but please bear in mind that it’s “A boarder that is not a boarder” you will see international media and news continously saying Israel has right of defence my question is who the need defence against? Those who wants to return back to their homes,those who have no army ,no weapons except sticks and stones against 20th most powerfull army having advanced technology weapons, missiles, anti-missiles,aircrafts and strong aid from around the world,s super power. So we need to decide whether we going to be deaf and stupid to believe and let them tell us this story and killing Palestinian and continue this brutality against harmless ,hopless people who have nothing or will stand up together and raise our voice against injustice and human rights violation .it’s a time to change our mindset bring our youth together to use your energy and bring up their force to show the world that No More ,nor for Palestine not for Kashmir ,we will no more tolerate brutality, religious discrimination using power and portraying a false image of islamophobia and killing innocent Muslims in different parts of the world.Standing against war crime and injustice of Israel not anti sematic they can,t hide behind this one phrase they can,t defend Israel,s war crime using anti sematic world and defend their act as an act of defence. It’s time to think being Muslim where we stand ,what’s going to happen if we continue the way we have been doing so far.think and decide what your role is what you can do and how we going to stand up together against war crime .