Israel aggression and OIC; war of words.



Barkat Ullah

The recent aggression of Israel has stopped as ceasefire has occurred between the two nations. Unfortunately, there is no such measures taken to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine on permanent basis. The international forums and particularly the Muslim world has left the unarmed, voiceless, oppressed and helpless Palestinians on the Mercy of Israel. On one side majority of Muslims states are unable to unite and give an effective response to Israel, in terms of stopping it from aggression against Palestine, while on other side, several western powers including US has backed Israel in these all situations. It is such an irony that the helpless and weak Palestinians are considered as a security threat to the powerful Israel which is greatly equipped with modern technology and highly advanced weaponry. Several sources of western media portray Palestinians as a security threat to Israel despite the fact that Israel has captured their land forcefully and has assaulted and humiliated them. In the recent episodes of conflict, 220 Palestinians were killed which included 65 children and more than 30 women. Similarly, hundreds of them were injured and displaced and infrastructure was destroyed. On the other side Israel claimed about 12 of their casualties. These numbers show that, who is a security threat to whom and who is aggressive and a threat to regional peace.The president of Turkey, one of the most influential states in the Muslim world, called Israel a terrorist state and argued that Ankara has made the efforts to mobilize the international stakeholders regarding the issue. He further added that it is the need of the time that international community and Muslim world should take effective measures against Israeli aggression. The question is when will Turkey take effective steps against Israel. Turkey is the first Muslim state which recognized Israel back in 1949. Similarly, it is enjoying a great geo strategic and economic relations with Israel. Turkey is conducting billions of dollars of exports with Israel and the only practical step to setback Israel is to stop these exports which has not stopped yet. According to international law related to recognition, when a state recognizes a new nation as a state, the recognizing state legitimize all the previous acts of the new state. This means that by recognizing Israel in 1949, Turkey has considered Israel’s acts legal till 1949. Similarly, the recent agreements of UAE, Bahrain and several other Arab countries has weakened the Palestine self-determination cause to a greater extent. In all these situations of conflict between Israel and Palestine, these Arab countries did not show any practical step despite condemning statements and words war. Saudi Arab and UAE, who are considered as among the prominent members of OIC, avoided any practical move and adopted the narrative of condemnation. Similarly, countries like Jordan, Egypt and other even did not bother to close their borders with Israel as a protest against Israel’s ruthless attitude. Iran and Pakistan also strongly condemned the Israel aggression while could not do any thing practical as both have limited options as compared to other Muslim world.Like OIC, the United nations has also failed to deal the tensions between Israel and Palestinians. According to the principles of United nations, humanitarian intervention becomes inevitable when there is genocide against a nation. Israel has committed inhuman crimes against Palestinians unlimited times. It is involved in serious war crimes and violations of human rights a number of times. But in case of Israel, the UN and other western human rights champions always adopt silence which raise questions on criteria and standard of humanitarian intervention.

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