Don’t wait for tomorrow


Aurangzeb Nadir
Many students say that they will work hard when they go to the next class. But when they go to the next class, they say that they will go to the next class to start the work hard. Similarly, some older people say that we will start praying soon, but their prayers do not start. Many people say that we will become good, but time goes by and they do not earn well. We plan countless times in life that we will do this, we will do that, but we don’t. When time passes, then there is regret. When we listen to a speech or lecture, the graph of our motivation becomes very high, but the same routine begins as soon as the next day comes. Remember that motivation means not waiting, just making a decision and getting started. Most people do not respect their parents. When they leave the world, then they celebrate the anniversary, lay flowers on the grave, recite the Holy Qur’an for them, but doing all this, the parents can not come back. There should indeed be parties of reward for them, but in their presence, did not cool their hearts. Those things don’t matter much after they’re gone. You have shown their heart to the world. When it occurs to me that I will work for a while, immediately put your hands on your chest and tell yourself that you have to start now. Hazrat Sheikh Saadi says, “Whoever says that I will start from tomorrow, this Tomorrow never comes. ” Those who have to do, do not wait for tomorrow. Think of each day as a new life because every day that begins is a blessing from Allah Almighty for us. Everything in this day is in our name.Think of ten things like reading, being a good person, respecting parents, praying, helping someone, improving one’s morals, smiling, greeting, not showing one’s heart and making one’s life new, and so on. Make an immediate decision about these tasks and get started. At the beginning of a work, there is so much power that one starts the work by oneself, but other people also start this work after seeing it. The advice does not change. If you are hardworking then after a while you will become an example. Sometimes the decision seems small, but the decision was not small but a big decision as time goes by. All the charitable works in the world started from a small process and became very big. Like Abdul Sattar Edhi who started his career with a wheelbarrow, today his name is included in the Guinness Book of World Records. If you start any work, you must recite the first two Nafls and pray to Allah Almighty for the success of this work. Pray to Allah Almighty that O Allah gives me perseverance and increases my courage because with the increase of courage the problems become smaller. If the question of changing oneself arises in the heart, then give thanks to Allah. Existence gives a sense of life, they immediately consider themselves and then decide the action and start working. There is the wonderful saying that “Tomorrow is not guaranteed. If it is worth dreaming about, it’s worth fighting for now.”