Public distrust opposition, government preserves economic rights: Governor



LAHORE:   Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that the opposition parties do not trust each other and the people do not trust the opposition. The government will be able to easily get the federal and provincial budgets passed. Political opponents do not have a single narrative. Pakistan has emerged successful in the Reko Diq case and the government will ensure to safeguard every single penny of the public in the national exchequer.

In a statement issued from Governor’s House Lahore on Wednesday, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said, “I have been saying from day one that the opposition parties have their own interests so they can never be united, and time is proving that the opposition parties lack single narrative and they have lost the public’s support as well, he added. He said that the opposition should stop living in a fool’s paradise. PTI government and its coalition parties are united and the government will easily get the budget passed. Both the Federal and Punjab governments will bring new schemes for the public’s welfare adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan has no political or personal agenda, he only wants to provide facilities to the people and development of the country.

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the world is acknowledging the country’s economic development and stability, but the opposition is unable to tolerate economic progress, adding that the constitutional reforms are the reflection of the public’s aspirations but the opposition is giving priority to personal interest over national interest. Provision of basic facilities to the public is the top priority of the government and the government is taking practical steps to implement reforms. Transparency and merit is being ensured in Ehsaas Program and it is a testament to the government’s successful economic policies.

Governor Punjab said that Pakistan has advocated the case of Palestinians on the diplomatic front. The key to peace in the world is in resolving the issues of Palestine and Kashmir. The international community, particularly the United Nations must stop turning a blind eye to the issues of Kashmir and Palestine and play their role to get these resolved as per UN resolutions, he added.