Who is responsible for COVID-19 : Bats , USA or China?


Muhammad Sharif Otho
China and the USA have been in hot water over the origin of coronavirus. In the blame game, the global competitors accuse each other for putting the entire humanity at stake with their illegitimate experiments and vicious desire to dominate geopolitics and geoeconomics. It’s well established that both the giant powers leave no stone unturned in dominating and damping each other. But never has been an act so perilous and destructive as COVId_19 , if true. To hit    the bull’s eye, earlier accusations from China suggested that the US navy had brought Covid to Wuhan , the hub of corona virus. While , Chinese were castigated to have germinated it due to virological blunder. To advance, most recent investigations further espouse the idea of conspiracy. Australian media leaked a few pages from a book authored by Chinese Retired General which hinted that China had been busy making modified SARS virus to alter its genome making it more fatal and contagious since 2015. The Guardian , Chinese prominent newspaper, denounced this claim. They added that the book was publicly available on Amazon . It carried no secret , according chinese claims. Ironically, As the news spread like wildfire, Amazon removed it all of sudden.It doesn’t end here. Most serious debate has commenced which helds both China and USA responsible for having tailormade COVID catastrophe. Dr Anthony Fauci , Chief Medical Advisor and Pandemic Advisor to Joe Biden , has been accused of funding Wuhan Institute of virology for “Gain and function” experiments. He was earlier involved in carrying out ” Gain and Function” experiments domestically until it was abolished by the Obama administration. He then pursued Wuhan Institute of virology and funded it. The Republican Senator from Kentucky lashed out at him ,in a congregational meeting, for destroying mother nature. Although Dr Fauci discarded the claim, it opens a new debate about whether the US used Wuhan as a base to launch Virus ? Was it an experimental accident or a planned bioweapon? Who is responsible and what has been done to the culprit? Who would compensate for the loss and who benefited from the disastrous pandemic , apparently no one though? The advocates of natural mutation and adoption persuade that it is transmitted from animals, particularly bats. They deny any human involvement in it. Humans caught it from bats which evolved once it joined human genome. It was less hazardous but new adaptation culminated its mortality rate to 15%. The rest is history as the say . To conclude, Many Scientists are of the opinion that COVID-19 which is a member of SARs virus family had naturally adapted to bind with human genome but others deny it. If it turned out to be a bioweapon , it would be blot on humanity and the most heinous crime by the offenders . However , if the investigation concluded that it was rather a laboratory accident, it would be the greatest blunder, and the negligence would be unacceptable to the masses who endured pain and loss. Come what may, it can’t change the past but will surely affect the future power game.