Shahid Khaqan Abbasi threatens to resign if PPP is invited to rejoin PDM


ISLAMABAD :   PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has threatened to resign as General Secretary (GS) PDM if PPP is invited to become PDM part again saying he will not compromise on the principles.

“ If PPP becomes component part of opposition alliance again then PDM should find a new GS”, he said this while talking to media men on the occasion of his appearance in the court Tuesday.

Reservations are still there over the matter of extending invitation to PPP to rejoin PDM, he held. No invitation has been extended to PPP to rejoin PDM.

He went on to say Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said in categorical terms that PPP should review its decision. If some has to rejoin PDM then it should restore its confidence. They should read the papers again which they had torn out and explain their position. PDM is not such alliance that some one can leave it or join it when it wills.

He underlined that it is NAB which has caused harm to the country more than any other institution. Whatever decisions are taken by cabinet the officers don’t implement them.

He remarked sugar prices are going up in the country. The sugar price is Rs 53 per kilogram but it is available at the rate of Rs 110 per kilogram in the market. Those responsible for enhancement in the sugar price have not been traced so far. Government is doing nothing except leveling baseless charges, he added.

He claimed that commissions were constituted and reports also came but NAB is still silent.

He alleged that all would be acquitted after the investigation of ring road matter. Those who have resigned are scapegoat Those who are responsible are being saved by making people to resign , he added.